Voluntary MP Recall

We have received a number of emails expressing clear support for the Fvvra Pledge and the principal of “Voluntary MP Recall”, but stating that,”it is against party policy to sign pledges and manifestos from third parties”

This will undoubtedly be the position of most political parties, but we do not offer this invitation to political parties other than to seek their support. This invitation goes out to all present and prospective Members of the Westminster Parliament.

We have been motivated to extend this invitation by our belief that the men and women who offer themselves to serve the people of our United Kingdom, as Members of Parliament, do so with a personal commitment to act with honesty and integrity throughout their term in Parliament. The MP Recall system offered by our FVVRA Pledge relies solely on that honesty and integrity to achieve its aims.

There have been a number of attempts over the years to bring about an MP recall system with parliamentary oversight, which have been blighted and blocked by the party system.

The objective of the FVVRA Pledge is to achieve a parliament in which all MPs having signed and agreed to a "Voluntary MP Recall System", without the need to waste the coming years debating and trying to introduce a recall system with parliamentary oversight.

We ask that Independent MPs and MPs of parties who do not operate a Whips system should also sign this pledge in order to achieve equality for all MPs.

This is a personal moral decision for all parliamentary candidates, not to be censored or edited by political parties, or others trying to preserve autocratic central control.