Aims and Objectives

FVVRA - Aims & Objectives
FVVRA is an individual democratic initiative. It is independent, non party and non profit making.

Our aim is to secure for voters a clear commitment from Members of Parliament and parliamentary candidates that they will, if elected, use their Free Vote to properly represent their constituents and act as a check on the party executive, holding it to account on behalf of the voters as was originally intended.

To secure this commitment, we ask all Members of Parliament and prospectiveMembers of Parliament to act in good faith and on their individual word of honour, and make themselves directly responsible to their constituents by signing the FVVRA Pledge and by working towards a free voting, voluntary MP recall, Unified Cross/Party National Government.

Having FVVRA pledged Members of Parliament will help to improve the Westminster Parliament in the following ways:

1. It will help to ensure that our elected Members of Parliament are open to the scrutiny of their constituents and they will in turn be free to scrutinise the serving Executive/Government on behalf of the people of our United Kingdom.

2. It will help to reduce the ability of any elite groups, Lobbyists or Special Advisors, to influence decisions in Parliament in the own interests or the interests of the people and companies who retain their services.

3. It will help to create a more cooperative and less competitive House of Commons, with more voting across parties and the house in the interests of the people of our country not our political parties or any individuals personal ambition.

4. It will help to support our Parliamentary members efforts to ensure that any bill or legislation that is presented to Parliament has been fully researched, is skilfully constructed and is allocated adequate time before being fully scrutinised and  concluded in a Free Vote.

5. It will help to encourage the formation of cross party groups, to agree and promote the interests  of the people and businesses in their region. The formation of these regional groups of free voting, voluntary recalled Members of Parliament could then provide a basis for a future Westminster based but regionally devolved administration for all of the United Kingdom.