The Standards Committee

The FVVRA Standards Committee will have no powers legal or statutory, and will only be empowered to act as an agent of the complaining constituents and on the moral promise contained in the FVVRA Pledge signed by the MP in question.

The FVVRA Standards Committee will comprise of (6) independent non party volunteers, who will have a duty to inform MPs of any new FVVRA Recall Request lodged by their constituents. This will give the MP an opportunity to respond before the proposed Recall Request proceeds to independent scrutiny. This process should help to eliminate any request initiated for party political, business or personal advantage.

The primary duty of the Standards Committee is not to act to remove elected MPs, but to evaluate the commitment of each MP to live up to the promises made in their manifesto and the FVVRA Pledge.

Constituents are requested to write to their MP and the FVVRA Standards Committee, if an issue has arisen which they believe should lead the MP initiating his own voluntary recall in terms of the FVVRA Pledge.

The MP should respond to their constituent and the Standards Committee in writing and within a reasonable time, to resolve the issue raised. If after independent assessment of the information provided by both parties, the constituent and the Committee still believe that the MP should initiate his/here own voluntary recall. The committee will write to the MP requesting that they fulfil their honourable pledge to the voters of their constituency.

The FVVRA Pledge is an honourable agreement, which relies on the word of honour of the pledged Member of Parliament and it will never be enforced in any other way.