To all Members of Parliament Feb. 2018

To all Members of Parliament
House of Commons

Dear Sir/Madam

We are writing this letter to all Members of the Westminster Parliament to respectfully request your consideration of our public letter dated 11th November 2017 addressed to The Rt. Hon. John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, and to all United Kingdom Political Party Leaders. In this letter we raised many issues which continue to plague and undermined the reputation of our Parliament and threaten the safety of our legal system and our democracy. Please view and include here -

As you are aware, the current governments’ actions and decisions have created a chaotic and unsustainable situation for Parliament, UK Law and the Brexit negotiations.If this situation is allowed to continue it will cause major damage to our country and will fail to meet the aspirations of both Leave and Remain voters.

Brexit is in chaos, the current government is in chaos, Parliament has lost its moral compass and the future of the United Kingdom and our democracy are being put at risk. In parliament Brexit continues to crowd out all other issues and prevents their effective resolution by our Members of Parliament.

We believe that parliament now needs to act to create a situation where we can achieve competent resolution of Brexit and all other issues which are acceptable to the people and businesses of our United Kingdom.

To this end we propose that all Members of Parliament agree to sign and adopt the (FVVRA) Free Vote Voluntary Recall Alliance Pledge, and agree to serve in a Unified Cross Party National Government with a clear objective to stop Brexit now and then negotiate with the European Union from inside the EU with the backing of a strong Leave/Remain mandate. This would allow a strong UK Government to have open discussions with other member states of the EU, whilst still retaining the option to plan for an organised withdrawal at a future agreed date.

In these historically important days, we entreat all Members of Parliament to act for the people, free of party politics, using their mature judgement to resolve these issues in the best interests of all the people of our United Kingdom.

In the event of future elections, we believe that voters will judge our Members of Parliament by the action they take now to prevent the present rushed, chaotic, unplanned, unsustainable Brexit that the Bank of England and most economists believe will cause substantial unnecessary damage to the economies of both the United Kingdom and the other countries of the European Union.

As political parties continue to sell the limited options associated with the present rushed Brexit Article 50 Notice, we appeal to all Members of Parliament to free themselves from the narrow constraints of personal ambition and the dictates of the party whip to serve all the people of our United Kingdom.

If after considering this proposal, you wish to sign and adopt this pledge please reply in confidence by letter to the address below, or by email to

Any information collected from Members of Parliament will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be used to calculate when a working majority is achieved.

Gordon E Middleton