Public Letter to all United Kingdom
Political Party Leaders

To all United Kingdom Political Party Leaders           21st April 2015


I write to you, the United Kingdom political party leaders, in this public letter to invite your favourable consideration of the following proposal.

Politics is the way in which people collectively take decisions about the type of society they want to live in.

However, due to numerous recent scandals, including “MP’s expenses”, “cash for influence,” as well as concerns over the corrupting influence of powerful interest groups on our democratic process; it has become clear to most commentators that the general public has lost faith in MPs, politics, politicians and political parties.

This erosion of public trust in our parliament and our democratic institutions is profound and can be laid firmly at the feet of the parties who have been in power over the recent past. It is our considered view, that if we continue on this present track, it will lead to the destruction of our democracy and the failure of our political system.

It is in this context that we now write you, the party leaders to respectfully request your full cooperation with our efforts to re-establish public trust in our parliament, and to renew people’s faith in the honesty and integrity of all Members of Parliament.

In order to help you to achieve this moral resurrection of our parliament, we propose that all parties should recommend to all of their parliamentary candidates, the signing, adoption, and future adherence to the FVVRA Pledge.

The FVVRA Pledge was created by the Free Vote Voluntary Recall Alliance and aims to correct the abuse of power by Party Whips over our elected Members of Parliament and to introduce a Voluntary MP Recall system.
We appreciate that to make this commitment to the voters of our United Kingdom, party leaders will have to display courage in the face of change, and demonstrate a clear faith in the honesty, integrity and commitment of all of their party’s candidates.

Our aim is to secure for voters a clear commitment from each parliamentary candidate that they will, if elected, use their Free Vote to properly represent their constituents and act as a check on theExecutive (Government), holding it to account on behalf of the voters as was originally intended.

As most parties claim to be in support of the aims of the FVVRA Pledge, and intend to introduce a MP Recall System if elected to form the next government, we suggest that this request is reasonable and in line with your own policies.

We have published a range of explanatory documents on our website which may assist your consideration of our proposal, and help you to support the adoption of this honourable pledge.

Your urgent response is requested.

Gordon E Middleton
for the Free Vote Voluntary Recall Alliance (FVVRA.ORG)