Email to all Parliamentary Candidates

To all candidates standing for election to be a Member of the United Kingdom Westminster Parliament on 8th June 2017

Dear Sir/Madam

Reference: The Free Vote Voluntary Recall Alliance Pledge

It was very clear before and after the EU Referendum, that there is a widespread distrust of the Westminster Parliament across the whole of the United Kingdom. The recent actions of politicians seeking party political advantage have only served to greatly increase this level of distrust.

The dramatic result of the EU referendum has caused personal, political and economic divisions in our country, which need to be resolved by a united House of Commons which truly represents the values, interests and concerns of our people.

It is time for our Members of Parliament to forego their party loyalties and give all of their loyalty to the British people.

We call upon all candidates standing for election to the Westminster Parliament in the General Election on 8th June 2017 to adopt and sign the FVVRA Pledge and to work for a unified cross-party National Government that can address the urgent Social, Political, Financial and Climate crises which now faces our United Kingdom.

We believe that the formation of a National Government to govern over the next five years will allow the best talents from all parties to be chosen to serve in government.In addition, it will allow all elected Members of Parliament to cooperate in forming cross party groups to properly represent all areas of our United Kingdom.

In this election we will not promote any one candidate or party, but we will respectfully request all voters to choose to vote only for candidates who have signed and adopted this
Free Vote Voluntary Recall Alliance Pledge.

All candidates who wish to sign and adopt the FVVRA Pledge should send their name and contact details by email to

The adoption of the FVVRA Pledge by parliamentary candidates in this general election could greatly enhance our Westminster Parliament and serve to protect our democracy.

Gordon E Middleton
The Free Vote Voluntary Recall Alliance